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No Bride should ever have to suffer the disappointment, embarrassment and lifelong regret of poor quality wedding photography.

These days search Sydney Wedding Photographer in Google, and you’ll find hundred of thousands of so-called “wedding photographers” and wedding Videographers. They all seem to show nice photos, and they ALL claim they are better than their competition.  Thanks to digital camera’s, the wedding industry is now filled with tens of thousands of people who are not in the industry through a conviction to the art, craft or trade. They’re there to make a quick buck. Most of the people you see advertising on the web claiming to be experts, have never completed any tertiary studies in photography, have never been to film school, and have likely only shot a handful of weddings, have the minimum gear, and only advertise professional wedding photographers in Sydney, to boost their regular day job income. In other words, their career as a professional “wedding photographer” is nothing more than a hobby,  and there’s little to zero long term business or development commitment. For example working from home or meeting you in a cafe.


At MMG we’re on a huge mission to connect, educate and save 10,000 brides from the perils, regret and disappointment of a bad wedding photography experience. And bad experiences happen more often than you would think.

In a recent survey we conducted on Facebook with couples who had their weddings photographed by other photographers, a staggering 93% we’re unhappy or felt disappointed with the results. This shocked each and every one of the MMG team. So much, we felt we had to do something! The wedding photography industry needs a shake up, some minimum requirements for entry and way more regulation and accountability. While that’s on the way, we’re taking proactive steps now educate couples on what they should be seeing, asking and requiring of any potential photographer they are considering for their wedding.

We’re doing this through with a range of educational tools including expert advice articles,  webinars, books, podcasts, events and one on one information and planning sessions. Now, rather than only focusing on inclusions and cost, and becoming victims of a slick sale pitch and a handful of photoshopped images on a website. Brides will be able to use the tools, tactics and knowledge we provide to understand to make an informed educated choice of wedding photographer.

As a professional team that have set the standard for wedding photography and cinema in Sydney for close to 20 years, we have seen so many of our competitors come and go. (not just with couples money, but also their wedding images). The problem is that most photographers are generally creative minds not business minded. Your trick is to find a photography business that’s not only brilliant with a camera but can run a business and stay in business.

If you’re looking for a team filled with creative talent, who have the runs on the board and who are committed to delivering to you what they promise, consider connecting with us.

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